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An interview explaining the direct primary care model and how it may be a cure for what ails primary care.



Andrew Pope, MD | Mikki Minocha, MD | Manhattan, KS



BlueFire Med is a direct primary care practice, which means we get to spend more time with you, whenever you need it, without having to jump through the hoops of a traditional medical practice. We love this model of medicine, our current patients love it, and we think you will too.


Fewer Patients = More Time for Patients


BlueFire Med limits our practice to around 600 patients per physician. That may seem like a lot, but not compared to the typical 2,000-4,000 patient panel of a traditional primary care physician. Our limited number of patients means more flexibility in our schedule to be available when you need us — regardless of the time or day.

Insurance-Free = Hassle-Free

We don’t accept insurance at BlueFire Med, but don’t let that scare you. Most of our patients actually save money as BlueFire members. We can help you find the right combination of health care and health insurance that saves you money and offers better quality of service. 

BlueFire Med is an innovative health care experience that puts the patient first. Once you experience what we have to offer, you won't go back to a traditional practice. Got questions? Let us know. Or keep scrolling to learn more about how we can help you.



We are a patient-centered practice. Our main concern is your health, which is why we offer personalized care and a doctor who knows you and your personal history.


Going to the doctor should be easy, not a hassle. We can see you at our office or your home. Our patients take comfort in knowing that, day or night, their health care professional is always a phone call (or email or text) away.


At BlueFire Med, you are one of only 600 total patients. Not much when you consider a typical Kansas doctor has a patient load of 2500+. Fewer patients, means same-day scheduling, longer appointments, and quality time with your physician.


At BlueFire we work directly with you, the patient. No hassles and red tape of dealing with an insurance company, means we can offer inexpensive services at a fraction of the cost. 

Find out what's in it for you.

(Hint: It's way more than you're used to.)

Is Bluefire Med right for you?

Do you know Bluefire Med can help you save money on healthcare for your employees? If you are a business owner who provides comprehensive, low-deductible insurance for your employees, you have the potential of saving 50% or more on healthcare benefits for your team. Click here to read more about how we can help.

Are you an employer?

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You may wonder whether you can afford to have a direct primary care membership. With no copays, no office visit fees, drastic discounts on labs and medications, a number of in-office procedures included, and increased access to your physician, the real question is, can you afford to not  have a direct primary care membership?



Andrew Pope, MD, is board certified in family medicine. He opened Bluefire Med in hopes of providing innovative health care with an old-fashioned feel.


Mikki Minocha, MD, is an experienced, board-certified family physician. She has a passion for preventative and wellness care.



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AGE 19-25



AGE 26-44



AGE 45-64



AGE 65+



*All enrolled children, ages 0-18, must have an parent or guardian enrolled as a member patient.

*$30/month pricing available ONLY with a valid student ID. Without student ID, price is $50/month.

If you are ready to join us in changing your healthcare for the better, click below to enroll now. Have more questions? Contact us for more information about becoming a patient.


BlueFire Med

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