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At BlueFire Med, we've created a member benefit package that is second-to-none. In addition to the value of having access to your doctor 24/7, we also offer a range of medical services and procedures for deeply discounted prices. Without the hassle of insurance, BlueFire Med is able to set prices that are affordable for our patients. That means you get lower prices and the same, high-quality treatment.

Here's what you'll get...
  • Enhanced access to your doctor.
  • Extended office visits.
  • Same-day or next-day appointments.
  • Phone and email consultations, as well as house calls, if necessary.
  • Annual physicals.
  • Most diagnostics and procedures done in the clinic are no extra cost.
  • Wholesale lab and prescription costs.
  • Personalized care, tailored to your individual needs.


In traditional medical practices, the costs can add up quickly. At BlueFire Med, common procedures are included with your membership — that's right, they won't cost you anything extra. Scroll down the chart below to see how the cost of direct primary care stacks up

against standard insurance. You'll be amazed at the savings.

Ready to sign up? Enroll here.

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