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Save money on healthcare coverage for your employees!

If you provide comprehensive, low-deductible insurance, you have the potential of saving 50% or more on healthcare benefits for your team. If you cannot afford the ever increasing premiums and decreasing benefits fro your existing insurance for your employees, we can offer a way to provide them with exceptional care for a very affordable rate. We can offer “Wrap Around” coverage — a new alternative to health insurance that is government approved for exemption and saves you an average of 40-60% on health expenses. The wrap-around plan will also give you a discount on your BlueFire Med  membership!

Sedera is an innovative medical cost sharing solution for employers that can offer additional coverage and peace of mind for your employees for the big healthcare expenses in life. When coupled with a Direct Primary Care membership, they will offer further discounts on their already low monthly costs. You can learn more at You can also email to learn more about how they can meet your needs.  

Health Reimbursement Accounts are also a nice option that works well with DPC. This allows employers to use pretax dollars to fund the DPC membership and other medical expenses. Contact our office to learn more. 

The benefits of using direct primary care services through Bluefire Med are:

  • Improved benefit package to make you more competitive for the best talent and enable you to provide a better product.

  • Better access to healthcare for your whole team.

  • Healthier staff, resulting in the potential for fewer sick days and shorter sick periods for increased productivity

  • Compliance with employer health insurance mandates with less cost than traditional insurance plans.

  • We can also treat minor work comp cases included in the membership.

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